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Presentation of the gentle likpas       

Presentation of the gentle likpas

What the likpas and gentle women look like, where do they live, how do they speak, etc. Caution! Story strongly unadvised for people who do not have the sense of humour!

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At last thou canst see how likpas look like!!

The likpas!

The likpas are gentle little beings about 20-25 cm long. They are gentle, merry, mischievous, active, pleasant to live with. All the time they are doing many things, especially if it is complicated as mechanics and electronics, but not only that. They also love to laugh, do gentle jokes, launch expeditions, build big things useless but funny. They live into the likpa land, where they have little houses, factories, laboratories and fields, all on their size. It is said that in ancient times, the likpas were men, to whom the natural selection suppressed all their useless organs.



And now here are the gentle boobettes!!

The boobettes!

Gentle boobettes much more look like women from ours, but in their case, the natural selection kept all the good. To the contrary of the likpas they are more involved in poetry and nature, singing, painting, or gathering in small groups in pristine nature to feel life and poetry. But this does not prevent them to reply when they are attacked, we shall see. They live in the country of the gentle boobettes, where they have nice houses and beautiful gardens.



How the boobettes live

Likpas and gentle boobettes are very friend. Gentle boobettes do not often visit the likpa country, as they are too tall; in more they could not sleep in this country with plenty of likpas. But the gentle likpas often visit the gentle boobettes, and they even often inhabit with them. Even if they are different, they much love each other and they share everything.   The gentle boobettes also like to build miniature houses to the likpas, or to carry them. At right, the friendly way to carry. At left, the lover way. As it often happens that a likpa and a gentle boobettte love each other; then they live together and are very happy. Even, if they want, they can have little girls or little likpas.



Alas the likpas and the gentle boobettes also have enemies: THE TOWN, where live the evil phallos (phallocrat, male chauvinists) and the evil scraguns.

Scraguns and phallos

The scraguns resemble gentle boobettes, but they have no heart and they hate the gentle likpas; the phallos resemble the likpas, but they have no heart and they hate the gentle boobettes. The scraguns and phallos also hate each other, but they have not idea to part. In the town also take birth gentle likpas and gentle boobettes, who, victims of their ignorance, are seduced by scraguns or by phallos. As a matter of fact, the scraguns are often very nice... so long as they are young. And the phallos also often show very sympathetic... so long as they are not married. After, hey, of course, tragedy strikes, and regularly gentle likpas and gentle boobettes break out of the town. The town is also a source of pollution and of trouble, with its politicians who all the time speak of war against the gentle likpas and gentle boobettes. But there are no chances that they win, as the Big Likpa is watching...


The language of the gentle likpas

Likpating likpas

-Please What is your name? -Likpato! -Likpato! -Likpato! -Likpato! -Likpato! -Likpato! -Likpato! -Likpato! -Likpato! -Likpato! -Likpato! -Likpato!

Right, I choose Likpato. -eeeh, who, me? -Wouah the luck -Wouuw -Likpatest her warmly -Yes thou! -Yeyeyeah likpatest her nicely!


Have a good time laughing: The likpas speak like the Smurfs, except that they are pink and that they say «to likpate» in place of «to smurf». However there are some differences. The likpas nearby all are named Likpato, but they can recognize each other without trouble. And, as you can see, the likpas speak englik, where they say «thou» at the second person. Boobettes do the same, but phallos and scragun have a special english where they say «you» To say «yes» the likpas say «lik» To say that it is good, they say that «it is big likpa». Another difference is that they say «to likpate» only for positive things: to create, to mend, to repair, to solve, to success, to offer, to give pleasure, etc... But what the likpas are fond above all, it is... to likpate the gentle boobettes!!! (But you will not see this shown, it is not a likpating site here!) Gentle women, on their side, speak nearby like us, except that it is said in a more poetical way.






Le monde des gentils likpas


More accurate maps and historical detais are visible on the page: The History of the gentle likpas


The land of the likpas and the land of the boobettes are in the south of a large island, while the phallo's town is in the north. Many centuries ago, there was only phallos, but the likpas appeared little by little, until they were numerous enough to make the revolution and shake off the phallo's oppression. But the phallos were still much too unbearable to live with, so that the likpas ended to create their own country. The town made them the Phallo's War, and at this time was discovered a second island, the one of the rastalikpas. And the rastalikpas had the same legends than the likpas: a marvellous epoch before the phallos, where lived immortal likpas who were all sons of a mysterious «GREAT MOTHER» at the origin of every life on their planet. The scientists came with a confirmation that life appeared on their planet only some thousands years ago. This is the mystery of the origin of the likpas: Who was this MOTHER? A goddess? A queen? A fabulous living being? And how could She create every life? There is only little time left to find the answers, as, inexorably, the climate changes, and the children taking birth today will not die from age, but from freezing...



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Scenario, graphics, sounds, animations, realization: Likchenpa (pseudonym).

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Presentation of the gentle likpas