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The funny Music Instruments of the Gentle Likpas        Page 11       

The funny Music Instruments of the Gentle Likpas

The Likpas too try to reeducate the groofios... will they have more success? It is said yes, they can... But how many efforts to do so!

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The Likpas try to reeducate the Groofios


When the Likpas catch Groofios groofioting about in the Land of the Likpas, they put them in reeducation centers.

Then starts a long and ungrateful work...


Likpato is a new educator, very enthusiastic and optimistic. This is good, but will he be able to do something with his Groofios, where his elders renounced? But let him speak:

«I want you to get out of your egocentrism and be able to do something together in a collaboration, he says.

-Grouf -Grouf... mutter the Groufios in an unconvinced way.

-Tell me something you would like to do together!



-Groof... I don't know, me.

-Groof... Smoke a reefer? But you don't want.

-Groof... Look at the likfoot?


-Groof... Then have a snooze.

-Groof... or make pizzas... it is the only swork I know do do, save breaking safes.

-Yes, good idea, to make pizzas, let us do it!



-Groof... ok, ok, we do pizzas. But after we do a snooze.

-If you want, but start with the pizzas, not with the snooze!»

And our young educator can see the Groofios starting the kitchening, organise the work, one for the dough, one for the tomatoes, one to decoration... A satisfied smile starts to appear on his lips...

«We don't want you to look» says one Groofio. Groof, groof, say the others, with disapprobating looks toward the educator likpa.

«ok, ok, I left you», says the educator likpa, more and more satisfied and proud of himself. So he goes out of the kitchen, and closes the door... He stays a moment evedropping at the door, but he hears only noises of work. He then goes away, toward the elder educators and tell them his success.

«Hey, come on, all, it is easy after all, I suceeded into putting them at a collaborative work together! Come to see!

-Hmmm... I am a bit sceptical

-Well, THIS is easy. It is what happens after that I afraid of.

-Eeeh, don't be THAT pessimistic, I say it works! Come to see!»


And they come all together to see what the Groofios are doing... What will they find? What to expect of a gang of Groofios set alone altogether in a kitchen?


Let us follow them and see...



















Hey, what did you expected? Oh, don't worry, the Likpas in charge of reeducationg the Groofios DO obtain results, and we often find former Phallos, and even ancient Groofios who became Likpas. After all, it is not really a matter of method, but to know, at a given time, share a little flame of love of life, which will give the person a desire to advance by himself, and to get rid of his defects. But it is a slow process, where craving for immediate results rather ruin the long run realisations.





The former lifes of the Groofios


Among the numerous methods that the likpas tested for trying to reeducate the Groofios, is the remembering of past lives. In this way, they hope to unravel past traumas explaining the today delinquancy.

We find again the same Likpato, still as much enthusiastic (but less lover of pizzas), leading a session of revival of past lifes with six groofios comfortably installed on mattresses, with a sweet New Age music... The Groufios start to tell their stories, this is a solemn and moving moment...


Groufio number one: I see a large sunburn island... people here use to clothe in black, and to eat pasta every day... They much emphasize on family, especially the godfathers...

Groufio number two: I see a large city beneath the sea, with a volcano looming above... There are plenty of Groofios eating pizzas...

Groufio number three: I see a great town besides a large lake... There are plenty of Groofios wearing boots, and who are groofioting bistoogn...

Groufio number four: I see a vast prairie with Groofios riding horses, wearing hats with large rims and handkershiefs... Other people shoot at them, in the name of law and order, and we see many cameras filming...

Groufio numero five: rrr zzz rrr zzz

Groufio number six: I see Groofios who are shaped like huge stinking slugs, and young people fighting them with laser sabers...


Likpato: Oh well, next time I shall do memories of further lives





The Phallos inspect the Likpa's center


The Phallo government thinks that the citizens of the town who are retained into the reeducation centers, are victims of ill treatment, starved, and even tortured. For this reason, they regularly send emissaries to inspect the centres, as a counterpart of the factory inspections by the ULO. Of course, these inspectors are not welcome, as the responsibles of the centres have other business to manage than hearing ranting about unfounded accusations. But they have to receive them politely... So they take revenge in an underhand way, with making the inspector angry. Let us see what it looks like, in the new Antennas Centre, which receives its very first inspection:


Phallo inspector: What is this great building?

Likpa educator: This is the likpatous activities complex.

Inspector: Activities? This is suspicious. Would it be forced labour?

Educator: Ah, I don't know, everything is new here, I don't know their methods.

Inspector: Really, you don't know what takes place in this building?

Educator: Eh no, it is not my part.

(At this time, we hear muffled screams coming from the suspicious building)

Inspector, worried: Hey? What are these screams? What do you do to these people?

Educator: Eh, It looks like they have fun, in here :-)

Inspector, angry: What do you mean? Have fun? You mean that you are torturing them, yes! Those screams are terrifying!

(Screams are heard again)

Inspector: Again? I WANT to see what happens in this building, immediately!

Educator: The problem is that I don't have the key. Likpato, canst thou look at the registration office, if they have the key? I don't know who has it.

Second educator: Lik. But I don't know if it is open, I think t is open only in the morning ;-).

Inspector, panicked: Ah, what a bad organisation! I command to get in immediatelly!

(They are in front of the locked door, the inspector is banging on it, while we hear other cries inside.)

Educator: Ah, I am sorry but it is a reinforced door, for safety, thou understandest.

Inspector, more and more angry: reinforced? You mean it is a jail door? I command you to allow me in immediatelly! Otherwise I shall issue a very unfavourable report!

Educator: okay, I send Likpato to the security service, they may have a second key.

Third educator: Lik, but I don't know if they can give it without the authorisation of the commandment.

Inspector, worried: Then go directly seek the authorisation, otherwise we are still here next morning! And during this time, who knows what happens in there! Ah, what an awful organization!

Educator: Eh, we just copy your own administration methods!

(Terrible cries are to be heard again)

Inspector, appaled: But what happens in there?

(This lasts a moment. During this time, the two educators come back, in the company of another Likpa with a mirlitary beret, and of course none has the key)

(To end up, another Likpa suddenly opens the foor from inside: it was quite simply not locked)

Inspector, flabbergasted: ...

Educator: Ah, we are sorry, everything is new here, I don't know the rules yet!

(The other educators try to avoid laughing)

They enter, following a corridor where imprecations, screams and supplications can be heard. They arrive in a great room, with plenty of Phallos sitting confortably, looking the telescreen with a likfoot match where the Phallo's team is losing in front of the Rapzoys.


Scenario, graphics, sounds, animations, realization: Likchenpa (pseudonym).

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The funny Music Instruments of the Gentle Likpas        Page 11