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You are now discovering the true and terrible History of Haralik, the birth planet of the Likpas, where the MOTHER is coming from Warning: The History of Haralik is often tragic. If you do not like this, you can see only the Summarized History of Haralik. You will then be lead to the continuation: The fantastic odyssey of the MOTHER. If you want to read the complete History of Haralik, use the index which follows, the stories are presented into the logical order:




Summarized History of Haralik (readable by everybody)

(Full text, some pages)

The planets of Haralik (readable by everybody)

(Full text, some pages)

Complete History of Haralik (tragedy)

(Full text, some pages)

The tragic end of the Lyre Likpas (tragedy)

(Full text, some pages

Toward the Third Cycle: The fantastic odyssey of the MOTHER (readable by everybody)

(Story on the making, 128 pages on probably 200)





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Table of the Second Cycle       

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