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The war of the phallos

The Great Likpa warned: the phallos will do three times the war to the gentle likpas. But nothing will happen as they planned. So, as the first war is looming ahead, in -781 (1937 on Earth) a strange messenger arrives on the Likpa's island, turning all the plans upside down... So there will be some war scenes, but no «action scenes»: real war is not like in the comics.

I never experienced war myself, but I know that war is the worse horrible thing and that those who provoke wars are really mad, to thrown into psychiatric hospital, with the company of their rotten accomplices the fascists, the racists and the colonialists.

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First Part: History of Jamalika

Second part: The Jamalika colonized

Third part: Rastalikpato with the Likpas

Fourth part: The report of Boobette

Fifth part: The liberation of Jamalika


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The war of the phallos       

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