The war of the phallos

Epilogue: the creation of the ULO (United Likpas Organization)


The victory in Jamalika was to put an end to the war, once and for all. However, the Mahaphallo came along with one of his strange ideas: an union between the Town and the Likpas. Which allowed him, oh nooo nobody noticed, to place himself as the superior leader of all the emerged lands.

The Likpas had, willy-nilly, take part in the negotiations. But as with Wile Coyote, the plans of the Mahaphallo always backfire. Thus, the net result of the foundation of the ULO was to give a power to the Likpas over the Town, blocking its war whims for several tens of years. With, especially, factory inspections against clandestine rearmament.


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The war of the phallos       

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