The war of the phallos

Fifth part: The liberation of Jamalika


The victory on the Town changed a lot of things.


At first, it brought an end to centuries of murderous raids. Not that these raids did many victims, but they were a permanent threat, of which the Likpas had to protect themselves. They thus were a considerable drain of resources, and also a cause of depression and pessimism. With the nes treaties, it on the contrary became easy and benign to travel, see to simply wander and enjoy the country. Thus the immediate after-war was a merry epoch, were many things were becoming possible.


The appeased relations with the Town also allowed many exchanges, either between industries, scientists, or quite simply among family and children: it was becoming possible to visit the Town, without risk of arrest or torture.


However the reappearance of the Mahaphallo, only some days after the troops left the Town, his ambiguous political proposals, and the lies of the medias about the war and its consequences, quickly indicated that the Likpas were not out of the problems with the Town.


More seriously, maintaining the secrecy and the mobilization of mirlitaries, quickly indicated that something else was preparing.


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The war of the phallos       

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