The war of the phallos

Second part: The colonization of Jamalika

What had to happen happened: A boat («basket») of scraguns arrived... Jamalika is now exposed to all the dangers!

Warning: this part contains colonization. If you like this, or if you don't know what it is, please read... ... otherwise, skip this passage and see the summary.

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The first visitors did nothing concrete, but their falsified version of History was the cause of the confusion and division of the Rastalikpas. So, the later arrival of organized colonists brought varied reactions, from collaboration to violence. This was far enough a pretext for the Phallos to engage into a genocide campaign, slaughtering and arsoning villages, accompagned with cultural destructions, such as the atrocious end of the University. While some Rastagunes managed to seize rifles and started a guerilla without hope, others accepted slavery, or let themselves die with hunger, with the hope to join the paradise of Jah Rastafalik.

The arrival of the new governor, the Mahaphallo, brought a relative calm. Jamalika was partitionned: the west third going to the colonists, and the east two thirds becoming a «reservation» for the Rastalikpas, who were in more spoiled of all their mining resources. As the Mahaphallo was dreaming to an army to take the power over the town... But there is in Jamalika no more mines for the dreams of the Mahaphallo than for the needs of the Rastalikpas... Except tungsten ore. But oddly the Mahaphallo strongly opposed the project of the Phallocrat bank to mine this metal.

We join the main thread again at the occasion of the murder of Bobmarlik, as his last sayings to the Mahaphallo still are a huge mystery today.

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The war of the phallos       

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