The Great Likpa

Second part: The Domain of Maggie

Compared to the tragic end of the Village of Happiness, with all the media fuss around it, the Domain of Maggie looks discreet and relatively untouched. However it was aimed at and destroyed with as much efficiency, but in a total silence.

Here is the true story of the Domain of Maggie, this moving attempt to build a more poetical world. The Domain had the legal statute of a poetry group, as there were many in this time, often the only places where Likpas or Boobettes could make friends. This statute somewhat sheltered it of a public repression, but we shall see the result of the collusion in facts between the «progressist» Reds and the Craputalist power. Into such conditions, Maggie remained a cherished memory of the Boobettes, the symbol of the resistance of the heart and the spirit, in a world where physical revolt could only result into the bloodiest repression.


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The Great Likpa       

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