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THE MOTHER        Page 63       

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Epilogue of this story...

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This is how the Likpas managed to save the Mother, after a bold and complex operation, planned for years into the least detail, but which was possible only thanks to the extrasensorial perception abilities of the Reds.


Several thousands of people were involved in the V project, and built parts of the Vion. But most of them were completely ignorant of the purpose of their work, as could see Likpato with the «tears», which were sections of wings. Only some tens knew, confined in the East Base. But the most incredible was the masterly plan of the ULO to arrest anybody who was suspecting something, in order to allow them in reality to work for the common benefit, as they wanted. That so many people could accept such a strict discipline, with so few refusals, was possible only with the Likpas and Boobettes, from their outstanding psychological qualities such as their non-egocentric concern of the common good, our their love of activity.



In the museum of the Cave of the Basket


Into some hours now, the MOTHER will be safe into a deep underground facility in Jamalika, sheltered even against a nuclear bomb. Then She will be ready to share all Her secrets with the Likpas and the Boobettes. Is this the end of these stories? Not at all, it is only the beginning! As into the SECOND PART we shall discover the World of Haralik, and especially the astounding interstellar odyssey of the MOTHER, and the moving account of Her attempts to inseminate Likearth with life.


And the problem of climate change is not solved, by far. Fishes are needed, and other life forms, that the Likpas would be able to create at last, thanks to the genetic data of the FATHER, and to the AFM Project: Atomic Force Microscope, only able to translate these coded data into living cells. The MOTHER, with the help of Her ovum synthesisers, will allow saving thirty years of arduous development. But this will be still not enough, they will alas also need the terrifying U project, prepared by the High Factory and the Low Factory...


At last the Likpas will have to explore Likearth, and especially to know who are those «others» roaming around their islands into gigantic steamships...


But the most fascinating will probably be the story of the Haralik Crystal!



END of this story



In the Cave of the Basket museum




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THE MOTHER        Page 63