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This page was historically the first that I colorized. Before, everything was in ligne claire, black on white. This choice was motivated by the slow speed of the internet when I started to draw this comic: only rich countries had ADSL.

Colorizing a page in ligne claire requiers clipping each surface, a boring and lifetime-consuming operation. This first page was done using the «magic wand» in Paint Shop Pro. But it was not ideal: a thin white line remained under the black lines, making paper printing very difficult. After some tries of manual clipping, better but time consuming, I had to do a Python script for a faster clipping. We can say that this script saved several years of my life, especially when I had to colorise the hundreds of pages in ligne claire made before this one.

In any case, it looks much better in colors, we feel the vibes much better.

The first picture format (e=a in the URLs) was to fit in SVGA screens which were stanndard by the time, minus the borders in Internet Explorer. Since, I could make larger images. But I am still bound with the Windows 95 8 bits file names, since I have several Python and PHP scripts manipulating them.

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