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This disturbing statue exists in real, in the Gardens of Bomarzo, in Italy. It shows an antic chtonian divinity, Orcus. Orcus is also the name which was given to one of the farthest dwarf planet of our solar system. Such a name is well fit for the island the Likpas are discovering, of a forlorn place, dark and at the limits of the accessible world, litterally «the end of the world», beyond which sailing is extremely dangerous.

We can wonder what motivated the inhabitants of this inhospitable place, to undertake the enormous work of realising such a statue, while living in an extreme poverty. This will remain an enigma, since the generation which did that is dead for long.

We can also wonder how they did that, to cut this rock without tools. The reply here is relatively simple: it is in a tender volcanic tuff, while a bit further there are hard rocks which break themselves in blades allowing to make tools. It still remains that it was a considerable work, which requested a strong motivation.

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