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The Great Likpa        Page 188       



At evening, Maggie comes to meet her tired friends, into the hay that they were given as a bedroom.

-Friend: But at last, Maggie, what the heck is this place?

-Maggie: This is officially a centre for social rehabilitation through swork, which was created recently. One of these places where you get in one day, and you never get out. And if your family asks for news...

-Friend: No chance, they no more talk to me since they knew I went to the domain.

-Maggie: ... they are told that your records were lost, that you committed suicide, or that you died in an accident. If they insist, they get a search in their house by the Black Guards or Kaki Guards, for subversive items. Few still dare to complain again, after.

-Friend: And you made us arrested and entered into such a place? But you are mad!

-Friend: You betrayed us!!

-Maggie: No, as there is a plan. The landlady of the castle is and old barmy scragun, like most people who always lived with money and servants. But she is from the family of the Great Likpa, and they disliked very much the way his fortune was stolen by Jude (For them, dols pass much before anything else, no matter in what he invested it, so they, strangely, stand together with him). Then they want to take revenge... HE knows this, HE contacted her, and HE spoke to her to make a pseudo-camp, where we would gather as much as we can of former dwellers of the Domain or Happiness Village, to make a kind of counter-power, of revolution against the town.

-Friend: Hey? But this is hyper dangerous, still more than going into a camp!

-Friend: I am not in such a thing, I don't want any violence.

-Maggie: Yes, it is a dangerous game, but HE remote controls her, HE makes her make what HE wants. She is sick, and she don't remember tomorrow what she said yesterday... She will do and say nothing without HIS agreement. She hired the two forewomen (Excellent workers, but true fascists) and the guards (who are with us), in more of the servants of the castle (beware of them, even the gentle looking ones).

-Friend: It is completely mad, this plan!

-Maggie: It was the only mean to take you out discretely. All the former inhabitants of the Happiness Village and Domain have filed records, and we already lost several, arrested and disappeared. They will not arrest all of them the same day, to avoid alarming the public opinion, but you were among the next: your neighbour, the fool, was preparing a «non integrable» report, which was to send you in a camp at once, in a real one. What saved you, is that she writes with plenty of orthography mistakes, and she did not yet dared to send her report. But now that the PSSC, Psycho Social salubrity Committee believes you are in a camp, they will no longer think at badgering you.

-Friend: !!

-Maggie: Officially, this is a swork colony, into the factories of the landlady of the castle, which are on the coast, in the south direction. For them, it is a perfect cover-up, there are so many accidents into the factories, or by the sea, they will think you are really dead. Very good also to hide our boat traffic, and our true destination. Then we shall take the other boat, as soon as its load will be complete. You will be eight Boobettes aboard, more two guards and me, as I am too well known, HE said that some phacops saw me, and were suspecting something. It is time that I disappear me too. Then I definitively left this place, to work full time for the PROJECT.

-Friend: The PROJECT?? and... HIM? What are you speaking about, Maggie? I think you became completely mad.

-Friend: I think that you are now with them, and you are working to denounce the former Village dwellers!

-Friend: How many do they pay you?

-Maggie: Yes, I understand, it is really mad as a situation, and you are not confident with me, this is normal. But you will see with your own eyes what is really going on, in two days. Until then I shall find some pretext to stop sending you to the workshop, I imagine it was really a pain for you to be stalked all the day long by these two cretins, they were so busy to humiliate you that they blocked the work, it is better to leave them alone. Well, idea, you will study, I shall ask for books at the castle library, we shall be in a real need of educated persons for the PROJECT.

-Maggie: At last, don't try to evade, the guards (hihi) are watching! And HIM also... If you try something, HE will know at once, and HE will warn us.

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The Great Likpa        Page 188