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The Great Likpa        Page 131       

The Great Likpa


-The problem is that salvage Likpas are wary of everybody. During the Revolution, the Phallos, with mind control methods, were able to make Likpas fight against other Likpas. From here comes the false idea as what antennas would not be a reliable criterion to sort Likpas from Phallos. It happens that a likpa has no antennas, but never any phallo had some.

-How sad, I figure out, when they understood that they killed their friends, their liberators!

-But those who brought the most confusion, were the Reds, the Lixists. The Reds gave away to the Black Guard many revolutionary Likpas who had not the same ideas than them. Yes, Likpas were tortured and killed, by the fault of the Reds, this was already known. But they also killed many with their own hands! Anyway it is what the Great Likpa told me that he saw, while projecting himself into the past.

-Hey? I thought that the Reds were Likpas???

-Whose who were adressing the public, yes. But the ideologists, the hidden leaders, were Phallos. Often they were criticized for their mistakes and unpredictable changes in direction, which cost so many militant's lives. But in fact, it was made purposely, to take over the outcome of the fights, while getting rid off too sincere revolutionaries.

-I alway had a bad feeling, when seeing the Reds. Even today they look fearsome. Or they give a feeling of hidden filth.

-In facts, the Lixists alway were Phallos, and of the worse kind. In the beginning, when the Likpas were still in slavery, there were many ideals of freedom and kindness, but the lixists started to scheme in order to take over the revolution to their own profit, in place of liberating anybody.

It is also the lixist Phallos who stated that we had to change the Phallo society from inside, and for this to remain into the town, not to flee toward the south like we are doing. They said it was a cowardry, and this idea remained so deeply rooted that only today we realize that we can build our own land, and no longer depend on the Phallos or on the lixists.

In facts, the Likpas started to flee the town as soon as the slavery epoch. They became the first salvage Likpas. But when the revolution came, the Reds said it was a cowardry to flee, and they killed the evaded Likpas they could catch. So you understand that the salvage Likpas don't like the Reds! And they are also wary of us, and of all that technology we invented, us the gentle Likpas, but that the naughty Phallos are now using against us, and also against the salvage Likpas. To offer our intellectual capacities to the Phallos was a terrible mistake, and we owe it to the lixist's mind control.

-All the same, those salvage Likpas look like famous warriors, to be able of such a shooting with arrows...

-Yes, but now the Phallos plan to build cars covered with iron, with caterpilars like bulldozers, able to drive everywhere, bearing guns able to shoot without stop, while reloading automatically.

-How horrible!

-Oh schpoong! What perverted minds, to only dare to think to such things! They are really sick!

-Against this, the bows of the salvage Likpas will be of absolutely no use. In the future, they are condemned.

-They need us, in fact, and we need them. But it will not be easy to be accepted by them. For this reason we shall rather circumvent their territory and go further, in the Copper mountains, where there are plenty of ores.

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The Great Likpa        Page 131