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Maggie        Page 221       



Must they had to

attack the town?


To reply to this tricky question, a council was organized in the Mead of the First Encounter. Curiously it is the only one ever to be held here, no other meeting took place since in this place, only festivals. But many other encounters between the Great Poetress and the Reds took place in secret, because of possible town spies.


Many had prepared attack plans, or studies on the defence potential of the town. However, as soon as the beginning, the Great Likpa appeared himself in public, under the shape of the blue spooklik. He immediately stopped any discussion.

«NO to attack town», he told with a curiously distorted metallic voice, however perfectly understandable. «I no support this project. If you do, I remove all support to you.»


Asked to explain his position, he expressed himself several times, by the mouth of Reds or Poetress, while confirming with light effects:


«To attack the town will create us a karma of war mongers and attackers. Even if we win, other much worse problems will come later. The total suffering would be much larger.»



«Anyway we could not win such an attack. We are still far of being as strong as the Phallos. Our industrial power is still one thousandth of the town»


And again:

«It would be a terrible confusion about what we are, and all the Phallos would feel this attack as an injustice. Even if we could military win, they would all resist to our governance. We would have to submit, not just the Black Guards, but all the People, which is impossible.»


And at last:

«The submission of the Phallos would be in contradiction with our liberation project».



Later in the evening, he likpated his famous prophecy of the three Phallos wars:


«The Phallos will attack the Likpas a first time in -776. Fights will be bloody, but victory will come to the Likpas. A second victorious battle will also take place in -774, and all the maps will have to be rewritten. However the Likpas will not be able to govern the town, and the alliance of the Peoples will fail.»


«The Phallos will attack the Likpas a second time in -709, with the intend to appropriate the gold of the fools, into the Blueberry Hills, and build an appalling weapon. Fights will be very short. The Likpas will still not be able to govern the town, but they will allow for a better government.»


«At last the third Phallos war will take place in -592 and -591. Fights will be long, but with relatively few casualties. The Likpas land will be partially conquered, and liberated. The town will be placed under guardianship of the Likpas. It will be the last war in this world.»


At last, this strange prediction was clearly heard by all: «The GREAT MOTHER will be found back during the second Phallos war».


Then the spooklik went out, and the Great Likpa was never again seen in public.

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Maggie        Page 221