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The Constitution of the Country of the Gentle Likpas


This constitution was written on a notebook which had strayed in a rucksack. Since it is kept in an underground into the Copper Hills.

The constitution of the Gentle likpas


Here is the full text:


Constitution of the Country of the Gentle Likpas who likpate


Article 1: A state is constituted to greet the gentle Likpas who escape of the town of the Phallos, so that they can be happy.

Article 2: The Country of the Gentle Likpas is an evolution and continuation of the Tribes of the Salvage Likpas.

Article 3: The Country of the Gentle Likpas comprises the south of the Blueberries Hills, the Copper Hills and the plain between.

Article 4: The Country of the Gentle Likpas respects nature and the beauty of places as a basis for every life. Houses and activities will have to be inserted harmoniously.

Article 5: lik

Article 6: The Gentle Likpas help each other to accomplish the various activities requested for life support, and also for industry and science research.

Article 8: The Gentle Likpas love to laugh and to admire what is beautiful, especially when it has boobies.

Article 7: The Gentle Likpas love to likpate science.

Article 9: The Gentle Likpas are interested into the evolution of the mind. For this reason the freedom of religion is established. The most advanced forms of psycholikpatic work must be able to develop and be available for all.

Article 11: The Country of the Gentle Likpas has no government. However it can be useful to centralize some technical decisions, or in case of an emergency. In this case the centralization of the necessary information for likpatous decisions is achieved by Likpas choosen after their competence and their especially likpatous qualities. The Army, the Free Bowliks, the Likscouts, the self defence groups and the Likpater Commandos have a centralized direction, which however can left an appropriate freedom of means to the lower steps.

Article 12: The Country of the Gentle Likpas does not need laws. However a justice will be instaured, and laws will be promulgated, protecting the persons and the freedom to likpate, in order to host good willed Phallos into our Country.

Article 10: The Gentle Likpas are able to master their psychology, so they are able to live happily and contribute positively to the community without creating problems, and without the need for laws and authority. The phallos do not have this capacity, or not enough. It is known today that about 97 per cent of antennas bearers are Likpas. The remaining cases are close enough to be able to share the life of the Likpas, provided they have a psycholikpatic work. No-bearers of Antennas can be Likpas, Phallos or in intermediate states. Only a psycholikpatic examination can assess this. The persons who refuse laws and psycholikpatic work all are Phallos. The Phallos and the intermediate cases must accept the laws and autority of the Likpas. But from this reason, the latest will have to provide to the Phallos and intermediate cases with a free and as interesting life as possible.


The articles really appear in this order on the original notebook, as the article 10 was lengthily discussed, and the Great Likpa himself had to spell the final version. Other pages show deletions and alterations.

The Likpas who wrote this text did not anticipated which hate it would entail on behalf of the Phallo government. The official reason is that this constitution recognizes the evasions, the Salvage Likpas and the religions, three categories considered as terrorist. Of course this propaganda never mentioned the articles 10 and 12, which are however very obvious openings toward the Phallos.

The Likpas, so independant, often spoke of taking different directions, or to break the Likpa Country into several independent states. However nothing such ever happened concretelly, and the Phallos Wars always found a flawless united front, despites the differences into methods and defence doctrines. And the advanced industries of the Likpas are also nearby invisible, except in the Copper Hills where the main mines are located.

The Army has in charge large operations. The Free Bowliks are the continuation of the defence groups of the Salvage Likpas. Their task is to secretely patroll the Likpa territory in order to seek and destroy hostile infiltrations. They were replaced by the Frontier Guards at the occasion of the First Phallo War. The Likscouts are much lighter and swift, their role is rather of early warning. Likscouts without antennas also perform spying missions at the town. Passive defence groups each have in charge the close protection of a village or a factory. At last the Likpater Commandos lead raids in the town, for spying, sabotaging and exfiltration. Each Likpater Commando is led by a Red.



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Maggie        Page 206