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This other densely packed page also needs thorough explanations, as understanding it wrong may have dire consequences on Earth.


🤥Top row: A large part of dictatorship propaganda hinges on maintaining confusions and misunderstanding. In the example, the Phallo government assimilates the Red priests of the Likpas (whom we can compare with Buddhists priests on Earth) with the red Lixists (Whom we can compare with Communists on Earth). This is how the Phallo government fuelled centuries of hatred and murderous raids against the innocent, peaceful and non-threatening Likpas of the South, often with merely using the Lixist discourses as a pretext. The later just have to keep verbal only, to escape repression. They are useful idiots.

Worse, in the early times of the Likpas, during the Revolution, the violence of the Lixists prompted the creation of the Khaki Guards and Black Guards, while their dualistic conceptions durably divided the LikEarth society. So that all the ensuing violence is their fault, finally. This is why the Likpas so radically reject the Lixists.

(This scheme is now known under the name of political polarization: putting a random political label on a social movement is the best way to condemn it to remain minority and misunderstood. For example, to mark ecology as «left», to label the denunciation of the «gender» «studies» as «right», etc. At this point the media just have to speak only of the members who accept the label, to turn the whole political, social and intellectual life of a country into an senseless struggle between two clans, each as useless as the other).


🤪Bottom row: In a dictatorship, the stupid masses adore their tyrants, despite the suffering they receive from it. But if the society evolves, and the government evolves accordingly, then the most stupid people feel betrayed by the said government. So they start «denouncing the system», and this is how appear populism, conspiracy theories, cults, barmy beliefs (such as flat LikEarth), fake dietetics, fake spirituality, etc. So that I needed no imagination to fill the banners of this demo, I just had to look around me.


🤫Bottom row, Red thinking: in a situation of vital ecology emergency, the eggs had to be released as soon as ready. However the Phallos brought delays, negotiations, votes, etc. In their still very weak good will, the Phallos needed the encouragement of being associated with the release, instead of the humiliation of it happening without them. Hence the secret about the first release. Thought, most Likpas knew, from carefully dosed innuendo.

Same went with the story of the Mother conditioning the fish releases to the forbidding of the nazizi party. Everybody denies this officially. But oh why, Lepenis, chief of the said party, seems to be in jail right at the moment. This makes that, in the demo against the release of the fish eggs, some people shout: «libérez Lepenis! Libérez Lepenis!».


Don't try this at home...


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