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Ah, the lovely word: «rhodoproboscidogenic»! You want to know what it means, eh? Oh I'm not just going to tell you, look at the etymology. Of course it has something to do with the famous Ā«entheogenicĀ», as the crooks call the drug. But no one has ever seen God with a reefer, admit it. We must be able to see Him with our brains in its natural state. Otherwise He would have provided an 11th commandment: Every day thou shalt be stoned.

Note that in French «rhodoproboscidogeniquement» is longer than «anticonstitutionnellement». Which isn't bad, for a real word with a real meaning, a precise construction and etymology, without stuff and thingies added just to make it longer.

Shine in society: get that word out. Well, understand it first, hi hi hi! ChatGPT got it right away, so...

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