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This video was shot in the virtual world «Enchanted», Halcyon simulator (similar to Second Life, but better). It shows the pulsar (blinking) and the black dwarf (in facts red, made from incandescent coal), between which the MOTHER will pass. The red line is a remainder of gas aspirated by the pulsar, what the MOTHER calls «the sword of fire». It was dispersed in the explosion some minutes ago, and thus it is reforming progressively. It is not following an exact Keplerian ellipse, because in facts the black dwarf is rotating around the pulsar.

This animation needed to create a 3D model using Blender, and textures using Paint Shop Pro (yes, the version 9, that is twenty years I have it). The movements were done using the script system from Halcyon (Phlox), especially a special interpolator. The video was shot with Fraps, and mastered with Shotcut. The sound track was entirely done with Reason, from Propeller Head.

I am quite happy from the result, accounting from such poor means. Imagine if the great movie companies were using their billions to do real films, instead of their poor psychodrama, or their bad science-fiction with plenty of huge science errors.

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