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The pulsar sounds in the previous images were intended to elicit fear and anticipation. But now we are on it, so the idea was instead to express the sheer brutality of this terrifying phenomenon.


These of course are not actual pulsar sounds. Actual pulsar sounds, as recorded by astronomers, are varied, but seldom conveying the tragic power of their source. Only the Vela pulsar recording really caught the blind violence of this thing. My first idea was to use this record, but it is now desecrated and heard everywhere, so that it would be hey just another Vela pulsar. Hence the choice to synthesize a sound. So I finally settled with ordinary music instruments, but arranged in a very expressive way.

As of all my sounds, I use Propellerhead Reason, a very interesting composing software where we write staves, that the software plays. It also has a virtual instrument rack (electronic synthesizers) as used in studios. If you have allergy to dials and buttons, never look at this, lol

I also use Audacity to create or to rework some of my sounds.

Sometimes I use samples of sounds I did not created. In this case I give the credits.

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