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This video was shot in the much mourned virtual world Inworldz. Sure this is not Star Wars, but the wonderful thing here is that I could do all the props and animations myself, using only the in-world building tools and scripting language! Still it was challending and time-consuming. Imagine if I had the budget of Star Wars, but for good things!!


The inspiration for the music comes from a passage of «Yes», in «Tales from Topographic Oceans». However I could not use this passage, because of copyright, and I did not expected the editors of «Yes» to allow me to use it. So I did my own piece, and I think it will meet your expectations. The ending is more inspirited by the «Boléro» from Ravel. The ending explosions come from a record from the Chelyabinsk meteorite, but it disappeared from Youtube, so that I cannot find the author of this fantastic sound.

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