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Well, I am not Beethoven, and these music attempts may make professionals laugh. In facts I had very few return on this point. It is true that the media accustomed us with such ugly and destructured stuff that people don't pay attention. As to me, as I did not learned the art of composing, I had to do everything with my feeling. Think «naive art», lol.

Each of these music is then supposed to make feel the vibration of each planet, or more accurately of the associated deities (We shall see further the origin of these religions). Which for each called for different styles and instruments:

Country for the vivacious Tililik

Abstract for the intelliktual Beatrix

Sensual pour the breasty Varuna

Brutal rock for the violent Chaour

The classical orchestra for the bucolic Manzane

Space ambient for the mysterious esoteric Treblion

For Likearth, a much more complex inhabited planet, several ambients were needed. Hence this «one minute and a half symphony», including credible transitions. The one after the tempest evoques the introduction of Oxygen Part 3 from Jean Michel Jarre. It also reminds of one of the most beautiful passages of Valérian, The Empire of a Thousand Planets, when the heroes emerge from the storm to arrive in a world of aerial flowers.

As to laughters in a symphony, we have one with cannons, so that... ha ha ha!

The whole was made in 2009. We already had ADSL in France, but many third world countries were still using modems. Hence the choice of a very short format. Another reason was not slowing too much the reading (think at movies, where we have short snipets, sometimes just some notes) But well, today I would do something longer.

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