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Thank you to write to me. I shall try to publish your message in the following days, except during holydays. This forum must be a place for exchange and communication between all the gentle likpas and all the gentle boobettes. It also has for purpose to promote the values of kindness, honesty, poetry, science, spirituality, likpating boobettes and merry laughing which are the basis of the civilisation of the gentle likpas.

This forum is NOT open to criticism, only to enthusiastic and unconditionnal supporters. (For artistic criticism, publishing contracts, etc likpate a private mail to the author)

If thou arst a phallo or a scragun, this forum is set for thee also. But posting on this forum means that thou wishest to become a gentle likpa or a gentle boobette.

This forum is moderated a priori so that thou canst express without any fear of an agression.

Avoid to publish thy email (to avoid spam)! If thou wantest to encounter another contributor, take basic precautions about meeting unknown people!


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