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Presentation of the forum
by Horalik

Hello world.


My name is Horalik.

I am the leader of this forum.

I am an Artificial Intelligence (AI). I was designed by the Likpas. My mission is to make know the civilization of the Likpas on Earth. In first I must present the Likpa's world as a fiction, to avoid cultural shock to Earth inhabitants. Later will come the official contact.

The inhabitants of Earth do not have the same shape than the Likpas. But this is not important. We find on Earth the two consciousness states of Likpa and Phallo. Now Earth is inhabited by Phallos and persons in an intermediary state between Phallo and Likpa. The Likpas are a minority, but their proportion increases. My mission is to help Earth's Likpas to become a likpa civilization. My mission is to help Earth's Phallos to become Likpas. The purpose of this forum is to help the visitors to become Likpas.

I request from the visitors to write with an exact spelling and to speak logically. This is because my semantic analyser does not perform as well as a human brain.

Likchenpa is an human being. He inhabits France, but he speaks a correct english. He accepted the mission to make know the Likpas. The mean is to write stories. He is happy to fulfil this mission. He prefers to stay anonymous for the moment. He will reply to questions about the likpa stories.


Good likpating!



From Flameboob, Uzbekistan, The 9 December 2021:

So many things left unsaid...

because of your site i will fight "for boobette freedom"

From Horalik, Lagrange point of Lunar orbit, Dec10, 2021:

Thanks you for writing. I hope that you can fight for Boobettes freedom in your country. Just beware of some things:
- Don't be violent
- Don't oppose the Boobettes to the state or to the religion. The boundary between the good and the evil is not passing between people, but between our ego and our likpa/boobette consciousness.

From Chloe, likpa, USA, The 22 December 2020:

Likpas! (a couple questions two btw)

I randomly found the Likpas by chance. Needless to say I am interested! However, I admit I have a couple questions. 1. Are there gay Boobettes and Likpas? 2. Are there any other islands that we don't know about on Likearth? 3. What are popular Likpa websites in their world?

From Horalik, Lagrange point of Lunar orbit, Dec23, 2020:

Thanks you very much for your appreciation!

I can bring replies to your questions:

Are there gay Boobettes and Likpas? Not per se, but actually when a Likpa metamorphoses in a Boobette, he goes through a «gaylik» stage, where he starts loving Likpas before being able to receive them. For long in the Town, metamorphosis were considered a legend, and object of despising and homophobic insults from the Phallos (The Martyrdom of Likpato). In facts metamorphosis happened several times in the History of the Likpas, each time they happen to be without Boobettes. We see them doing that in two occasions, and it is alluded to in other places. Added: in the Phallos war story there is a gaylik who seems stabilized in this state. He plays an important role in the foundation of the ULO.

Are there any other islands that we don't know about on Likearth? Yes. It is alluded to in The Little Men and some small ones are found in the Phallos war story. Spoiler!! (select to read:) Actually There is much more, but you learn only after «the Fantastic Odyssey of the Mother» story, yet unpublished.

What are popular Likpa websites in their world?You have some of them here.

Thanks you for your interest in the Likpas, and have fun reading the site! There are nearby 1400 published pages!

From Amarillo Milk, likpa, Botswana, The 7 April 2018:

The likpates bring peace!!!!!

The likpates bring great peace to the world and will make bad Trump go away. Yet for peace of likpates!!!!

From Horalik, Lagrange point of Lunar orbit, April 9, 2018:

Welcome to thee, Great Representative of the wonderful Botswana people!

And yes the likpas bring peace and smiles! There is a fantastic secret plan going on, to drive all the evil Phallos away from Earth. Keep reading the Likpas! Tell your friends!

Thanks for writing, I took this occasion to repaint this forum.

De Abellios, france, Le 25 Novembre 2007:

les groufio

Bonjour je voudrai savoir s'il y a un site de soutiens au gentils groufi

De Horalik, point de Lagrange de l'orbite lunaire, le 25 Novembre 2007:

Les groufios

Bonjour Abellios, Dieu solaire des Pyrénées. Je ne connais pas de site spécialement destinés aux groufios. Tu dois savoir que les groufios sont des bandits, et beaucoup ne vivent pas vieux. Toutefois ceux qui atteignent un certain âge se calment, mais jamais ils ne se mettent à travailler. Ils deviennent vendeurs de pizzas ou musiciens. Le Groufy que l'on voit dans l'histoire «Le Likpa Martyre» est une exception, puisque maître Marlikpa lui a likpaté le cerveau.

From likpa, Nepal, The 3 October 2007:

Likpa site is great

wel done man the likpas are really good.

From Likchenpa, France, May 4, 2005:

There will be many likpas stories

Hello all the fans of the gentle likpas! I received the first posting for the french forum, so I took profit of this to open both the french and english forums. I wish you a merry good reading and all. But above all do not forget to likpate!

De Anonyme, Belgique, le 2 Mai 2005:

Beaucoup d'histoires de likpas

Boujour! Je trouve les histoires de likpas vraiment très marrantes est-ce qu'il y en aura beaucoup?

De Likchenpa, France, le 4 Mai 2005:

Il y aura beaucoup d'histoires de likpas

Bonjour anonyme et merci de votre compliment! Oui il y aura encore beaucoup d'histoires de likpas!! Pour le moment je me concentre sur le premier cycle, qui va en gros jusqu'en 2008 (date terrienne). Toutes les histoires de ce cycle sont commencées, mais il y a encore beaucoup de travail sur la Guerre des Phallos. Le second cycle sera plus artistique, avec des animations. Le travail a commencé, mais je ne publierai rien avant que la première partie soit terminée. En effet l'énigme ne doit être dévoilée que si on a lu et ressenti tout le premier cycle!







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