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The funny Music Instruments of the Gentle Likpas


The gentle likpas love to likpate funny muzic instruments, when the gentle boobettes have poetical instruments. Butt his don't forbid them to love each other and to play muzic together in the styles they like


Important notice: These instruments could also be built on Earth.


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The boudzim


The culture of the gentle likpas is very varied, and not necessarily comic. But when they have merry time, they use very funny music instruments. The types figured on this page are just a small sample.

The drum seen here is a boudzim, which sounds like a conga. But the air pressure inside the drum pushes a small cymbal, which makes a sound similar to a charleston, but much funnier. Here a ceramic exemplar, dated from just after the Revolution. But boudzims are attested as soon as -1400, in full Dark Age, at a time where the likpas were just reappearing.


Trumplets and plom-plom

Atrumplet ressembles a trumpet, but it is floppy. It renders a sound very similar to what we obtain in blowing into a wet macaroni, but with several notes. You can, with adding side to side macaronis of varied lengths, try to reconstitute another very common likpa instrument, the pflan flutle. But I did not tried to draw another instrument which works on the same principle, but much larger: the tromblard, because it is really disgusting.

The trumplets, despite their apparent simplicity, require high tech plastic materials, at the same time easy to move and rigid for the sound. For this reason, it was commonly thought it was a modern instrument, but it was recently found a decree of the phallo king, dated from -1407, forbidding trumplets and similar instruments. One does note dare to think with what they did them at this epoch.

The likpas, before the revolution, had to bear the terrible fate of slavery. (Note on the image under the soup tin and the excrement pit, how did you imagined it was, slavery).The likpas then played a music which somewhat recalls us from North America's Black's blues. They had to play while guarding the door, in case the masters came. And they also invented an instrument with a really horrible sound: the muted trumplet.




Careful with the Booter!


The likpa or phallo musicians, from their small size, alway had to face the same problem: how to produce low-pitched sounds, without needing instruments too gigantic for them? The industry age brought an answer, thanks to a better understanding of acoustics. The booter is a drum, but in place of a skin, it uses a piston in a much smaller cylinder, as in an engine car. As a matter of facts the first booters were made from saved engine blocks. The player hits the piston with a hammer, and a several bars compression produces a really energetic sound. A trunpet allows for the acoustic impedance adaptation from the piston to free hair.

The first booter was drawn far before the Phallo's war, by a Likpa engineer named Likpato, who lived int he town, and was sworking in a boilerworks and pipes factory, near the harbour. It was then assembled by the music club of the factory, which had for members numerous young phallos welder apprentices, enthralled by a so useless and difficult project. The booters remained for a long time confined into the underground places of the Phallo's town, from the difficulty to weld steel pipes with so complicated shapes, but also from the obloquy which remained a long time over this «groofio's instrument». But with the movements of young progressist phallos and the succes of the likrock, booters are now in every concert. The likpas are also doing well, and numerous booters were built in their country, before the factories were requisitionned for the mysterious projects of the ULO. It is said that the booter manufacturers are now welding the turbopumps of the roke.


Caution: do not try to build a booter at human scale! Contrarily to the gaffophone, the booter is based on true physics, and it really does a hell of a noise. You may disturb your neighbours...










The above image takes place on earth, explaining that there are men and posters of Earth musicians. But, everything considered, men are not so different of the likpas...

The bloke at the bottom left is Gaston Lagaffe, a well known creation of the genius french comic writter Franquin. It was translated in english (US) under the name of Gomer Goof, and in several other languages.

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