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The little men

Again a story of a martyre child... as Likpato has for mother a scragun. What an infortune... for her, as the gentle likpas are very difficult to martyrise.

This story will lead you in a long journey in the Likpa's country, then in Jamalika, in an hyper-secret base where the future of LikkEarth is at stake! And of course a lot of bizare things...

This story is named this way as a tribute to a french comic I like: «Les Petits Hommes», by Séron. (At least the first albums) where the characters are small like the likpas, with a town and machines on their scale. And also secret bases...

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First part: Likpato -- The country of the gentle likpas -- The great censorship

Second part: Brawl with the phallos

Third part: The Great Secret in Jamalika


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The little men       

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