The little men

The little men: Second part

This seconde part is a long digression into the main story. Now we are to have some serious fighting, and even a shady ambient for those who like fight stories with a shady ambient. You can skip this passage for a cool reading. But if you did not liked the dreadful fate of the childhood friend of the likdaddy, here is your revenche: Again, phallo parents discover that their young child is about to become a likpa... Same scenario: a sinister van takes the child out in the middle of the night. But this time another car puts a tail to the van... Who are these mysterious characters whose simple sight fills the phacops with terror?

While reading this passage you will discover an unique insight on the town of the phallos, which is fastly mutating. You will also see the unrewarding work of the shadow fighters who defend freedom and peace in the likpa's world.

If you skip this second part, right to the third part, you will find again Likpato, Rastalikpato and the professor professeur who are arriving in Jamalike.


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The little men       

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