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«The gentle likpas» is a free online webcomic, very funny, in colours. In the beginning there were only some short rather sophomoric stories, with some fairy tale elements. But everybody knows that sophomores grow, and they become scientists, engineers, physicians, magistrates. This is what happened with this comic: along the years, it developed in an enthralling realistic science fiction story, unique of its kind, approaching 1500 pages. Oh, no extraordinary physics, no rays, no hyperspace. But our science as we know it, our physics, our technology. Anticipation, in fact. But you will see, we can also do fantastic things that way.

Thanks to take the allusions to existing religions as benevolent humour, not malevolent caricature. We are not Charlie Hebdo.




LIKPATOUS: The Likpas cryogenized for the future!! In case this site disappears, take good note of the URL of the Likpas on the Wayback Machine:


Index of first cycle of stories: The likpa's island


To read first, in order to understand the following:
Presentation of the likpas and gentle Boobettes
(Complete text with images)


To begin with two very likpatous stories:
The likomotive
(8 pages, full story) --- The liktube (7 pages, full story)


A serious story this time: Likpato and the phallos
The martyrdom of Likpato

(185 pages, full story)


Again a very likpatous story:
The Concert
(9 pages, full story)


To understand the world of the Likpas:
The History of the Likpas
(Complete text with images)


Five centuries ago, at the origin of the likpa's land and religion:
(268 pages, full story) The same story told in two different orders:
Maggie, from the point of view of the Boobettes first
The Great Likpa, from the point of view of the Likpas first


A likpatous pastiche, but do not be too hasty to make our opinion:
The Lord of the Likpas
(10 pages, full story)


A comic vision of the Phallos War, before entering into the real story:
The Flowers War
(11 pages, full story)


60 years ago, the country of the gentle likpas was at risk...
The Phallos war
(311 pages, full story)


The shortest stories are the most likpatous:
The liksmurfs
(4 pages, full story)


A martyre child difficult to martyrise:
The Little Men
(243 pages, full story)


One Lik Adam, an Eve, a snake... you know the story, but not in the likpa way...
Lik Adam
(6 pages, full story)


To at last start with sci-fi, here is:
The virus
(Completed text with images)
But think that reality will soon take up this fiction. Thou willst be SCAAARED off your pants!


Oooooh nooo...
The funny music instruments of the gentle likpas

(12 pages, full story)


The likpas have to face a detering hazard:
The War of Uranium
(109 pages, full story)


L'énigme de l'origine de la vie sur Likterre:
(63 pages, full story)

At the end of the Uranium War (in -709 likpa time, 2009 on Earth) the likpas will find back the Mother of whom all the legends speak, and who is at the origin of every life on their planet. But you will be really surprised to know what is this Mother!







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Mind and purpose of this site


Right, this site looks like an humour site like many others.

But, In this terrible and marvellous epoch where exist in the same time so much dangers and so much possibilities of happiness, I would not spare even very few of my short life span just to publish likpatous jokes on the Internet. If I took time and pain to create this site, it was really to convey some message, and even several.

The first and main is that there is no gender war, there are only idiots which make it. The mind disabilities which lead some persons to despise others because they are not of the same gender, these disabilities are as likely to happen to men as to women. Only from these disabilities arises the strange idea as what women and men would be two opposite camps, with incompatible interests. The reality is much simpler: it is when we offer each other pleasure and recognition that we are happy. We just have to do it, it is so simple, we do not need any complex law system to do it. So in the Likpa's world, the two camps are not the two genders, but really the gentle and those who are not yet, for lack of learning. The goods are the gentle likpas and the gentle Boobettes, and the bads are the naughty phallos (phallocrat, or male chauvinist pig) and the naughty scraguns (feminine equivalent of a phallocrat)

There are several other important messages and clarifications into this site, I let you search what. It is said that we learn better with fun. May you become more pleasant to live with, after this reading!







Scenario, graphics, sounds, animations, realization: Likchenpa (pseudonym).


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This site is intended for fostering a better world. As such it is not supported by large capitalist companies (there is no advertising). So it can exist only with the support of the readers.




The creation of this site


In the beginning, the likpas were jokes that I exchanged with my family. At first, creating the domain name «» was a family joke (Some may find it easily!) together with putting on line the short likpa's stories (The likomotive, the liktube, the Lord of the Likpas...). For this stuff, small sketchy drawings in black and white were enough.

But it soon appeared a better inspiration for a larger and much more moving story. Which deserved better graphics, in full colours. Fortunately the evolution of Internet and computers allowed for more bandwidth, larger screens, and more powerful graphic software. So I now have more than 1200 pages published, beyond the solution of the plot, when the Likpas find back the MOTHER and discover the whole story behind.

SVG animations were planned, but it seems that the SVG will remain forever something of the future. I started with flash animations, but flash is now being phased out, so that I had to redo these pages. Fortunately, thanks to HTML 5, I can do videos, and it is even much easier than flash.








Legal notice and copyright

Unless otherwise noted or legal exceptions (pastiche, examples, quotes...) all the elements of this site, yexts, graphics, characters, names, animations, sounds, music, melodies, programming, cursors, symbols of this site are copyright of their author and right owner, Richard Trigaux. Any use, modification, overtaking of elements of this site or of the likpas world in a way deprecating my work, my philosophy or generaly recognized moral rules, may result into law suit.